SWOM: A Social Network Community for Internet Marketers

What is SWOM.com? SWOM is a social media site designed with online marketers in mind. You get paid for making great connections and promoting your business. SWOM is new, wide-open internet real estate. You can set up a Group under virtually any name you want. SWOM is for action takers, deal makers and those looking for residual income. SWOM is where opportunity knocks.

I originally thought SWOM meant Society for Word of Mouth, but actually it stands for Super World of Marketing or Super Word of Mouth. Good concept. Everyone knows word of mouth works. So it's a fine choice of a name for an business networking community.

I joined the SWOM Team in February, and have already made over 1000 connections with new business friends in all parts of the world.

A high percentage of the first wave of people joining SWOM are internet marketers But I think SWOM will turn out to be a useful promotion tool for anyone and everyone who has a business website or offers services on the internet.

SWOM.com officially launched on March 1, 2010.

SWOM.com Network Income
Besides having the opportunity to introduce your money making programs to hoardes of new people, you also make money just by being active in the SWOM Business Networking Community.

in the graphic below, you can see how much money I earned with SWOM after spending just a few hours exploring the website. When you "connect" with other SWOM members, i.e. make new friends, or interact with them in other ways, you make money. Simple, eh?

The figures in red are for interactions with upgraded SWOM members (I'm an upgraded Gold member, of course). The figures in black (not payable) are for interactions with free SWOM members.

Hover over "Why is this?" on SWOM's Income page and you'll see the following message:

"This person is a free member. If they become a Gold member, you will earn commissions. Tip: Click on their name on the left and tell them your own positive experiences of upgrading."

Free or Gold SWOM Member?
Here's what you get with the SWOM Gold upgrade:

Qualify for Revolutionary Viral Referral Program

Only Gold members may take part in the revolutionary Viral Referral Program, where you can make up to a realistic $2000 a month in residual income. (Over time and with dedication, an experienced marketer could conceivably make up to $77,360 a month. Every month!)

Qualify for Monthly Fast Cash Bonuses

As a Gold member, you get paid a monthly fast cash bonus every time you refer someone who becomes a Gold member. It doesn't matter when they upgrade... Even if they join as a free member and only upgrade 6 months later, you still get paid!

Unlimited Viewing of Member Profiles

Gold members can view as many member profiles as they wish. You can meet new like-minded people and add them as friends. Remember these are targeted individuals who are actively looking for online opportunities.

Unlimited Source of Traffic and Referrals

At SWOM you might be swomped with friend requests and referrals. Most of the members, at least in pre-launch, are actively looking for income opportunities, a work-at-home business and sources of residual income. If you have a good opportunity to offer, it won't fall on deaf ears.

FREE Advertising

Gold members receive free advertising of their SWOM profiles on the SWOM website home page. With a high number of visitors every day to the SWOM website, you can make a lot of friends that way. Remember, you get paid for each friend who is a Gold member. So the more Gold members you have as friends, the more you get paid.

FREE Spillover

As a Gold member, you receive free spillover from your upline in your personal matrix. You also receive extra spillover from free members who do not qualify to receive spillover from their upline... because only Gold members enter the matrix.

Revolutionary Downline Management

Gold members have access to the advanced features of the Virtual Online Office. Know your downline, get detailed reports -- you can even contact and email your downline! Send them welcome messages, reward those who are actively referring, and build your team.
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